Online Registration

We offer four different types of membership.


Training School

YTT Yoga Elders can register as a Yoga Teacher Training School for an annual fee of 270 GBP - includes registration of your Teacher Training Courses.


Yoga Elder

To register as a Yoga Elder you must have taught a minimum of 5000 hours of yoga over a minimum of 10 years. Registration costs 36 GBP per annum.


Yoga Teacher

We accept members from any style or tradition. All you need is a copy of your teaching certificate & 2 referees. Membership costs 36 GBP per annum.


Trainee Teacher

In return for 27 GBP a year (18 GBP if your school is YTT registered) membership fee, receive 10 GBP discount on insurance with BGi.

" I have just registered! It was easier than anticipated. Thank you for taking the time to reach out and clarify everything. I look forward to becoming part of the YTT community. Best wishes "

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